Zakynthos, known internationally as "Zante", or Fioro Levante (= Flower of the East) by the Venetians, is one of the Ionian Islands. It is the eleventh in size Greek island and the third (after Kefalonia and Corfu) and second most populous island of the Ionian Islands. Its area is 406 sq. Km and the population amounts to 40,758 inhabitants. Zakynthos Island has a long musical tradition. The islanders, are music-lovers often form groups and companions singing local songs and especially cantatas. Take a sailboat and make an exploratory trip, enjoy the beautiful weather in the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, enjoy the rhythm of life in Zante and the hospitality of the people.

Beaches: The island of Zakynthos is known for its beautiful beaches with crystal and clear waters. There are beaches where you can enjoy water sports, secluded beaches and many others. In southern beaches of the island comes every summer for reproduction the sea turtle Caretta - Caretta. Visit the wide sandy beaches and swim in crystal clear waters, accompanied by sea turtles. Dive between them and explore the underground caves. Some beaches are: Laganas, Navagio ( Shipwreck ), Tsilivi, Argassi, Alikanas.

Night Life: Zante has famous nightlife. You will find many famous Restaurants, discos, bars and pubs to satisfy the most demanding and the night is so attractive that you always want more.