Meganissi island situated between Lefkada and Aetoloakarnania. It is the largest island of the Princesislands of Lefkada. It has an area of 22 356 sq. Km., And a population of 1,090. It is an island with a characteristic shape, opposite to the southeastern coast of Lefkada, Meganissi is one of the best anchorages for those traveling with yachts, cruisers and sailing boats in the Ionian Sea. According to mythology in Meganisi lived Taffy or Tilevoai, sailor and pirate people. King was the Taffy or Tafos ( Tomb ), son of Poseidon and Hippothoe. According to Homer, in the the island reigned Mentis. The northern part of the island has may beautiful beaches. You will have the opportunity to experience the caves of Giovani and Papanikolis, which was refuge of the legendary submarine during World War II. For swimming we recommend you the beaches Limonari, Elia, Atherino, Abelakia Kechrinia, Spilia (Caves) and Agios Ioannis (St. John). With tour boat you can visit for swimming Bereta, at the southern part of the island.