Lefkada or Lefkas is an island in the Ionian Sea. It is the fourth largest island in the Ionian Sea (320 sq.) and the fourth also in population with about 25,000 inhabitants. Lefkada is a real paradise of colors and sounds: With millions shades of colors that can neither the greatest painters could imagine, it combines the idyllic landscape and rough images, giving visitors the opportunity to wander through the history of the Ionian while offering the satisfaction to discover exciting secrets in every corner of the island. We urge you, therefore, to discover it, enjoying every moment. To make things as best as possible, instead of as quickly as possible; look for quality regardless of quantity.

Beaches: The island has beaches to suit every taste. Endless sandy beaches will amaze you with its wild beauty and beaches for families. The only certainty is that at the beaches of Lefkada nobody can get bored. The island is mostly mountainous and so the mountains where they meet the sea create wonderful beaches.
Most impressive is of course the beaches on the west coastline of the island at the famous cliffs of Lefkada. Also the most calm beaches of the east and the south side are beautiful and full of green. While even the beaches on the lagoon side of Lefkada, in the so-called round from St. John to the castle are amazing.

Night Life: Lefkada is the island that combines everything in a unique way! You can find all kinds of restaurants and lots of barσ that can meet any kind of preferences. Whether you are looking for a quiet restaurant for a delicious dinner or a bar to enjoy a drink or a club to dance until morning, you can find everything in Lefkada. The nightclubs are located mainly in the capital as well as at the most popular tourist resorts, Nidri and Vassiliki. There is no chance to get dissapointed by the nightlife of Lefkada!