It has an area of 20 square kilometers and special morphology, combining green and the mountains. It is full of all kinds of plants: arbutus, laurel, olive, oak and seafood (or royal) pines that grow among the rocks and reach the sea. It has fewer than 600 residents. On the island there are four small villages, Kalamos, Episkopi, kastro and Kefali. Kalamos village is a very beautiful harbor where all kinds of boats can anchor and is built amphitheater in the mountains. The stone houses almost touch each other, leaving space between them for nice stone streets. It is also worth seeing there Halasma, a hollow rock in the south where he had fled the submarine " Papanikolis" in the Second World War, the island Fermekoula southwest, which is visited by seals Monachus monachus, the old church of St. John and the church of St. Constantine, near the lighthouse. The beaches of Kalamos, are accessed primarily from the sea, is Myrtia ( Myrtle ), the Asprogiali the Agriapidia, the Pefkoi, Kefali with of the old village, Kedros, Alexakis, Kipoi and Trahilos. Making the tour of the island, do not forget to explore the scenic caves.