The calm waters of the Ionian Sea, with numerous small islands that make amazing the landscape, makes holidays with a sailing or yachting boat an ideal choice. Ithaca which is the second smallest Ionian Island, is a destination that you can explore it much better with a sailing or yachting boat. Many small bays at the coastline, most of which hide white beaches, but also the spectacular view of the verdant island will make you feel vindicated by your choice.
The anchorage of the island is easily accessible, mainly of course the port of Ithaca, which concentrates the majority of sailing or yachting boats visiting the island. Small and large (and very large ...) yachts, sailboats, speedboats and boats of any kind fill the waterfront and the picturesque marina of Ithaca and especially the busy days and nights of August, the port with fully green Lazaretto island in the middle is full of sailing or yachting boats of any kind.
The island got its name from the Ithaco, who was the first resident of the island (son of Pterelaos and brother of Polyctor and Niritos) or by mythology was the son of Poseidon and Amfimelis.

Beaches: A common feature in all the beaches of Ithaca is blue and clear waters! You will not find a beach to disappoint you. Platia ammos, Filiatro, Stavros, Aspros Gialos, Lefki, Alikes, Pera Pigadi, Kaminia.

Night Life: Ithaca is a place to relax. The heart of the nightlife is in Mylos on the left side of the bay at Vathi, where are some of the best cafe-bars of the island, ideal for drinks & cocktails, even with tables situated right next to the sea. There are few summer days, where the streets are full of people enjoying drinks and good company.